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Green Choice

Why sustainable product solutions make business sense

The Green Choice range by Twinsaver aims to help you meet growing concerns for the environment with ethical, eco-friendly and cost-effective product choices that deliver on the quality, comfort and effective performance you demand.

Look for the Green Choice mark and make the smart choice for your business to make a big difference.

Download Green Choice Presentation

What is Green Choice?

The Green Choice mark indicates a Twinsaver product that is made from 100% recycled paper material. Currently over 50% of our paper products are made using this material.

Download Twinsaver Green Choice Frequently Asked Questions
Download Twinsaver Green Choice Frequently Asked Questions
Download Twinsaver Green Choice Presentation
Download Twinsaver Green Choice Presentation

A smart choice for the environment

50% of all our products are made from 100% recycled (the Green Choice range is 100% recycled).

Recycled Fibre is sourced through informal collectors providing much-needed income to communities.

Energy Efficiency - we constantly work to make our business more sustainable, our energy saving initiatives have to date produced a 5% energy saving across all our manufacturing sites.

Over 60% of the water we use in manufacture is now sourced from boreholes (reducing our reliance on reservoirs and river systems).

100% biodegradable.

Septic tank safe (toilet paper only).

We use a chlorine-free, sulphate-based bleaching agent that is less harmful to the environment.

We reduce our waste footprint by supplying sludge by-product to local brickmakers.

Recyclable poly packaging is used across the entire Green Choice range

With ISO 9001 certification across all sites we comply with the highest quality management systems.

Twinsaver sources our Virgin Fibre from sustainably managed forests.

A smart choice for your business

What's brighter than white? Making a planet friendly paper choice!

We won't whitewash this fact - any tissue made from Recycled Fibre (RF) is NEVER going to be as white as a roll made from new or Virgin Fibre (VF).

What's good to know is, we make our Green Choice range as bright as possible, with a sulphite-based bleaching agent (not chlorine or chlorine-dioxide) that is less harmful to the environment.

Our Green Choice toilet paper is soft, strong and as bright as our nearest competitor, it's also 10% thicker than comparable Virgin Fibre 1 Ply toilet paper.

The Green Choice product journey

Biggest Recycled fibre brand

Twinsaver is the largest tissue manufacturer and user of recycled paper fibre in South Africa, fibre that's used in our 100% Green Choice range.

Job creation

All material used in our Recycled Fibre tissue is sourced from informal recycling collectors, providing sustainable incomes to communities in need while extending the lifespan of landfills.

Water-wise and energy efficiency

We're working to reduce our impact on the environment at every stage of our operations, our initiatives have produced a 5% reduction in the use of energy in all manufacturing sites and over 60% of total water usage through boreholes.

Responsible waste management

The sludge by-product of our Recycled Fibre paper manufacture process is used to make bricks which are used in a range of community upliftment and infrastructure projects.

Recycable packaging

We use recyclable poly packaging across the Twinsaver Green Choice range to integrate our product usage with our clients' recycling initiatives.

We don't hide the facts

Recycled Fibre vs. Virgin Fibre

Any tissue made from Recycled Fibre (RF) is NEVER going to be as soft or white as a roll made from Virgin Fibre (VF) derived from new-cut forestry wood.

This is because the longer fibres in virgin wood are easier to lay out and fluff up for a softer tissue, and the whiteness is created by extensive use of harmful chlorine-based bleaches.

But, we do make our recycled paper as bright as possible, our Green Choice toilet tissue is softer, stronger, and as bright as our RF nearest competitor while 10% thicker than comparable VF product.

The paper manufacturer process

As South Africa largest paper tissue supplier we know that our manufacturing operations are resource and energy intensive.

We are trying to change all this.

We're working to reduce our impact on the environment at every stage of our operations, reducing our water dependence and energy efficiencies, minimising our footprint in terms of waste-management from landfill to waste-water quality, while still delivering the quality you expect from the most trusted toilet paper brand in the country.

Making Green Choice your smart choice of products allows us to make further strides towards realising these goals.

Partner with us for a sustainable future - speak to your Twinsaver AFH representative.

Our commitment to maintaining sustainable and good business practices is reflected in our SABS, ISO 9001 certification.

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