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Delivery Information

We will get back to you after you have submitted your order with a finalised delivery price. We will not proceed with your order, until you are satisfied with the delivery price and after you have notified us to that affect.

The information below will give you an idea of the estimated delivery costs.

Collections by Customer

From anywhere in South Africa*
Customers are free to collect items direct from our premises (address details & business hours). Please contact us before coming through for a collection to ensure that the stock is ready for collection. This will help us not to waste your time and money in making unnecessary trips.

Small Appliances

0-100km* 101km and greater*
150.00 250.00
Includes toasters, irons, kettles, certain gate motors, remotes/transmitters, receivers etc.

High Value Small Appliances

0-25km* 26-70km* 71-100km*
150.00 250.00 300.00
Includes coffee machines, vacuum cleaners etc. which are over R2000 in value

Medium Appliances

0-25km* 26-70km* 71-100km*
250.00 320.00 400.00
Includes microwaves, TVs, extractors, hobs, certain gate motors etc.

Large Appliances

0-25km* 26-70km* 71-100km*
450.00 600.00 700.00
Includes fridges, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, stoves, cookers etc.

Very Large Appliances

0-25km* 26-70km* 71-100km*
700.00 800.00 900.00
Includes double door fridges, large undercounter fridges and colddrink fridges.

* - Distances are relative to Centurion, Gauteng.


  1. Prices quoted above include VAT.
  2. We will get back to you with a final price, should you live further from Centurion than what is listed in the table above.
  3. The final delivery cost will depend on several factors including total amount of order, the number of items in a delivery etc.
  4. Items in your order may be collected from our offices free of any delivery charges.
  5. Contact us if you have a delivery related question.


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Thanx alot, you have helped alot. I look forward to doing more business with you in future.

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