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Kimberly-Clark Professional Hygiene Solutions
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Kimberly-Clark - Exceptional Workplaces

Kimberly-Clark Airflex Paper - A Small Change. A Big Impact.

Kimberly-Clark Professional AIRFLEX Technology Explained

An explanation of all the benefits of AIRFLEX based hygiene paper products.

Kimberly-Clark's AIRFLEX paper fabric allows faster drying times, reduces consumption and waste. This fabric uses 17% less fibre than standard fabrics and is European Ecolabel accredited.

Kimberly-Clark Professional AIRFLEX Demo 1 - Absorbency

How absorbent is Kimberly-Clark's AIRFLEX paper compared to standard hygiene paper?

Kimberly-Clark Professional AIRFLEX Demo 2 - Strength

How strong is Kimberly-Clark's AIRFLEX paper compared to standard hygiene paper?

WypAll Paper & Multi-Use Wipe Videos

WypAll Paper & Multi-Use Wipes Videos

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WypAll X Cloths vs Rags - The Interview

WypAll - Absorbing Water

WypAll - Wiping up Oil & Grease

WypAll X60 Cloths - The Versatility Test

WypAll X80 Cloths - Strength

KleenGuard Safety Wear Videos

KleenGuard Safety Wear Videos

KleenGuard - The Brand

KleenGuard A40 Apparel vs Leading Competitor Video


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Kimberly-Clark Professional Hygiene Solutions

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